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Our passion is helping to create what does not exist! Most successful CEOs have had experts that they go to for counsel and support.  The challenges of starting a new business remain the same.  You can try to figure it out on your own, or contact the "Professional Hand-holders", avoid costly mistakes and strategically position your company for success. If you have an amazing ideal or widget, a strong background in the category, but you have never launched a product from ideation, capital funding, product development, deployment, marketing, conversions, billing and getting paid, I encourage you to contact us today.  Start "on track"… Stay "on-track".     At 1WORLD Partners, we are here to help!



New York:   1501 Broadway, 12th Floor

                   New York, NY 10036

Las Vegas:  1180 N. Town Center Drive, Suite 100

                   Las Vegas, NV 89144 


Tel. 212-781-1234

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